Assistant Principals

Updated on September 26th, 2023 at 02:58 pm

The Assistant Principals Committee of OASSA is designed to provide the Assistant Principal with a mechanism to relate to the total OASSA organization and as an instrument which can be used to meet the professional needs of the position. OASSA wishes to recognize the importance of the Assistant Principal’s work and to promote the status of the position. The Assistant Principal is an integral part of OASSA, and the Assistant Principals Committee is charged with assisting in the planning and organization of the Assistant Principals Conference.

Functions of the Committee:

  1. To relate the position of assistant principals to the total program of OASSA.
  2. To emphasize the position of assistant principals and ensure that OASSA maintains an awareness of the position.
  3. To promote and assist in planning and developing a statewide conference yearly for assistant principals.
  4. To encourage assistant principals to become candidates for the OASSA Board of Directors and other elective offices in OASSA.
  5. To encourage assistant principals to become OASSA members.

Committee Info

If you have any questions regarding any of the committees or are interested in being a member of any committee, please contact Dr. Timothy Freeman, OASSA Executive Director either by email or call him @ 614-430-8311.