Instructional Leadership

Updated on September 26th, 2023 at 02:58 pm

The Instructional Leadership Committee of OASSA is charged with the development of the agenda for the Instructional Leadership Conference and to promote the building administrator as an instructional leader.

  1. To emphasize, encourage, and promote positive relationships between among building administrators, curriculum directors, supervisors, coordinators, career-tech administrators, ESC administrators, and all other school administrators involved in curricular decisions at local and state levels.
  2. To identify, develop and promote staff development opportunities and best practices.
  3. To survey membership to determine issues relative to curriculum leadership and respond accordingly.
  4. To make recommendations for speaker/topics in regards to the Instructional Leadership Conference.
  5. To provide information to be published in the OASSA UPDATE.
  6. To make recommendations to the OASSA Board of Directors on educational positions of interest relative to this committee.
  7. To ensure that OASSA maintains a focus on curricular leadership for all administrators.

Committee Info

If you have any questions regarding any of the committees or are interested in being a member of any committee, please contact Dr. Timothy Freeman, OASSA Executive Director either by email or call him @ 614-430-8311.