Updated on September 26th, 2023 at 02:57 pm

The Legislative Committee of OASSA is charged with the responsibility for designing and implementing the legislative positions of OASSA. It will develop an awareness of legislative expertise and procedure and cooperate with all organizations interested in the promotion of education in Ohio.

Functions of the Committee may be:

  1. To canvas the membership yearly to determine the needs of OASSA members in the field of legislation.
  2. To deliberate carefully on the findings of the survey and determine which items can be merged into the legislative projections for the year.
  3. To determine the feasibility of the legislative proposals.
  4. To help conduct a program of information for OASSA members as the legislative year develops.
  5. To set up a statewide network of secondary administrators for legislative action and contracts.
  6. To develop a system of “minutemen” who shall be available for immediate summons to Columbus for legislative hearings.
  7. To develop a working relationship with the State Department of Education, BASA, OSBA, OAESA, and other organizations supporting a common program.
  8. To promote membership in the Administrator, Board Members, and Citizens Political Action Committee.

Committee Info

If you have any questions regarding any of the committees or are interested in being a member of any committee, please contact Dr. Timothy Freeman, OASSA Executive Director either by email tfreeman@oassa.org or call him @ 614-430-8311.