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Updated on March 21st, 2024 at 11:02 am

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If you are reserving a room at the Hilton Columbus at Easton for an OASSA Conference and are using a district credit card that you do not have in your possession, your district MUST complete the authorization form above and submit it with your Hotel Reservation Form.


Hotels near OCLC in Dublin:

FLYERS: Conference flyers with detailed information will be emailed to all OASSA members prior to each conference. Also, conference information is always available to members in the OASSA monthly UPDATE, sent via email and on OASSA AMP.

CERTIFICATE OF PARTICIPATION: Participants in all OASSA conferences and workshops will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the program.

OASSA Conference Cancellation Policy:  Registrants who cancel at least three (3) workdays before the date of the conference will not be charged or may request a full refund. Registrants who cancel fewer than three (3) workdays before will be charged for food and venue costs. No shows and registrants who cancel the day of the conference will be charged the full registration amount.


ATTENDANCE:  It is the policy of OASSA to permit attendance at OASSA professional development conferences, seminars, workshops, and meetings by educators and/or school employees whose job duties relate to the content of the professional program. A request for attendance at any OASSA professional conference, seminar, workshop, and meeting by any other individual must be approved by OASSA personnel conducting the program. Each individual must pay the nonmember rate for the program.

QUESTIONS?:  If you have any questions regarding conferences, contact Heather Powell, OASSA Associate Executive Director by calling our office (614) 430-8311 or e-mail Heather at: