Updated on December 8th, 2023 at 10:06 am

2023 OASSA Friday Night Lights Contest!

Thanks to all the cheerleaders nominated for the 2023 FNL Contest!

2023 BEST JUMPER = Roniyah from Glenville HS
2023 BEST TUMBLER = Tate from Barnesville HS
2023 MOST SPIRITED = Ava from Barnesville HS


Previous Contest Winners!

2023 OASSA Powerful Performers Contest!

Sending a HUGE CONGRATS to the winners of the OASSA Powerful Performers Contest! The (3) winners were announced live at THE 2023 OASSA State Dance Championships!

Best Tricks – Sam from Lakota East HS
Best Turns – Claire from Toledo School for the Arts
Best Leaps & Jumps – Katie from Springfield HS

2022 OASSA Cheer Friday Night Lights Contest!

Thank you to all the participants in the 2022 Friday Night Lights Contest!
Congratulations to our winners!
1) Best Jumper: Tally Averett, Pickerington High School North
2) Best Tumbler: Michael Gyabeng, Westerville South High School
3) Most Spirited: Kylie Yerse, Willoughby South High School