4-7 Principal – Ridgewood Middle School: Ridgewood Local Schools

Posted on April 17th, 2024


4-7 Principal@ Ridgewood Middle School


Salary based on Current Administrator’s formula and years of experience

Benefits based on Current REA agreement


At least 5 years Teaching Experience

Masters level with an Active Administrator’s Certificate

New FBI/BCI, Drug Test

Personality background checks may be made

Three written letters of reference current within the last year

See Mr. Masloski if you have any questions – Internal applications are due by April 23, 2024 to the central office.


1. Administrative Certificate or eligible for one in the assigned (K-3; 4- 9; 7-12) building area

2. At least 5 years of successful Teaching

3. Experience in scheduling, organizing, working with groups (Boosters, PTOs alumni, etc)

4. Complete knowledge of successful instruction, especially in the core of reading, writing and math

5. Trained OTES Evaluator

6. Excellent Character

7. Self-Starter; Self Motivated

8. Problem Solver

9. Communication Skills-Written and Oral

10. Great Record keeping Skills


General Responsibilities

Safety and security of students and staff

Instructional Leader of the Building

Supervisor of all personnel and students

Building management and maintenance

Staff and Student accountability and performance

Program development

Budget allocations

Stakeholder Involvement

Implementation of Board Policies



1. Ensures the safety and well-being of all students and staff

2. Applies the NEOLA District Policy/Guidelines in all decision-making processes

3. Prepares and maintain Student/Staff Handbooks and Expectation Guidelines

4. Keeps the Mission of the School District in the forefront of all decisions

5. Uses the Public School Works Discipline Guidelines for tracking the Ridgewood student’s

Code of Conduct (Behaviors and Attendance).

6. Evaluate teachers through the OTES and the Non-Certified staff through Board adopted evaluation models

7. Sits in on IEP conferences as needed

8. Oversees and Coordinates the programs for successful transitions of all students

(especially in the critical stages Pre-k to Kindergarten, 3 to 4th Grades, jh to High School)

9. Conducts Open Houses and Parent/Teacher Meetings as necessary

10. Coordinates and records the necessary safety and fire drills-maintains a building safety plan.

11. Coordinates and maintains building use and afterschool activities

12. Requests and monitors the expenditure of all building fees and funded moneys

13. Conducts monthly building and grade level meetings with all staff

14. Works with the Curriculum director in overseeing the total instructional needs of the building

15. Coordinates all state and local testing within the building

16. Maintains control of all inventories, requisitions, distribution of supplies and equipment

17. Plans all assemblies (especially Veterans Day), recognition days and appropriate building programs

18. Prepares all reports and maintains the records required by law and the Ridgewood Board Policy

19. Attends Monthly Board meetings; meets regularly with the Superintendent

20. Attends all Building after-school functions, or make sure that all functions have a building representative present during the time of the school-sponsored function

21. Assists in selecting all staffing needs/secures substitutes as needed

22. Involves the stakeholders in Continuous Improvement Planning

23. Explores all avenues of communications with the Public (newsletters, webpages, social media)

24. A member of the LPDC committee to help lead the Professional Development of the building Staff.

25. Assess the building Climate and Culture of the building and develops plan to improve that environment

26. Where appropriate, attends functions/meetings related to the Athletic League affiliations, MVESC and Coshocton County Career Center

27. Acts as a liaison with the Alternative and Digital Schools

28. Performs other related duties as required of the position and/or instructed by the superintendent


Salary and Benefits to be determined by the Ridgewood Board of Education