Assistant High School Principal: Granville Schools

Posted on May 17th, 2023

Position: Assistant High School Principal

District: Granville Schools

Salary: TBD

Deadline: 05/29/2023

Contact: Tonya Sherburne

Contact Position: Director of Human Resources & Operations

Contact Phone: (740) 587-8114

Contact Email Address:

Minimum Qualifications:
Valid state department of education license/certificate appropriate for the position.
Meets all mandated health requirements.
A record free of criminal violations that would prohibit public school employment.
Complies with drug-free workplace rules and board policies.
Keeps current with technology and other workplace innovations that support job functions.
Successful teaching and administrative experience.
Effective organizational, planning, and project management skills.
Ability to identify, evaluate, and implement program options, auxiliary services, and curricular materials that support the diverse learning needs of students.

Essential Functions:
The following are typical work responsibilities. A reasonable accommodation may be made to enable a qualified individual with a disability to perform essential functions.
Helps manage assigned academic, guidance, and student service programs. Addresses issues that arise during the absence of the principal.
Participates as an active member of the leadership team. Upholds board policies and follows administrative guidelines/procedures. Promotes a professional image of the school district.
Analyzes data to improve school operations. Helps develop and implement the district’s strategic plan. Identifies and develops partnerships that enhance district services.
Provides staff leadership and consensus development. Advances the change process. Helps implement strategies to accomplish organizational objectives. Helps resolve problems.
Maintains open and effective communications. Promotes the district’s mission, philosophy, and vision. Serves as an information resource. Keeps stakeholders informed about emerging issues.
Monitors community demographics, resources, and emerging trends. Helps mobilize the community to maintain a strong commitment of support for the school district.
Helps manage the board-approved budget for assigned areas of responsibility.
Encourages program innovations. Pursues funding opportunities. Prepares grant/foundation applications. Implements funded proposals and complies with reporting requirements.
Participates in staff selection and orientation processes. Expresses high expectations and provides support to improve staff performance (e.g., observations, consultations, meetings, etc.).
Promotes professionalism. Implements state mandated and locally developed personnel appraisal standards. Assists with the planning and delivery of effective professional development programs that improve teaching outcomes and student learning (e.g., methods, skills, commitment, etc.).
Helps administer the instructional program. Promotes academic excellence in a nurturing environment. Develops curriculum guides and courses of study. Evaluates and recommends instructional materials.
Keeps current with the K-12 courses of study, the district’s scope and sequence framework, and state standards/guidelines. Promotes the continuity of the instructional program.
Assists with the development of the master schedule as directed. Helps ensure the equitable distribution of workloads. Facilitates classroom coverage during teacher absences.
Assists with the development of program schedules (e.g., courses, auxiliary services, student activities, etc.). Coordinates program assessment processes as directed.
Assists with enrollment and withdrawal procedures. Upholds policies regarding immunization, age, attendance, legal residence, guardianship, classification, promotion, retention, testing, etc.
Assists with student testing programs. Analyzes test results. Provides leadership for instructional modifications and interventions that enhance student learning and improve test performance.
Complies with federal and state policies/procedures for the education of students identified as having a disability. Ensures that services are provided in the least restrictive educational environment.
Participates in parent conferences and student planning meetings as needed (e.g., IAT, IEP, etc.).
Assists with the revision and distribution of student/parent and teacher handbooks as directed.
Provides guidance, communicates expectations, and shows an active interest in student progress.
Helps staff resolve problems that impede student participation in appropriate learning activities.
Upholds the student conduct code. Maintains high expectations for behavior and performance. Helps with pupil management issues. Prepares student conduct reports/discipline recommendations.
Assists with the supervision of students (e.g., arrivals/departures, parking lots, lunch periods, changing classes, extracurricular programs, etc.).
Promotes a safe, efficient, and effective work/learning environment. Monitors safety concerns. Works with stakeholders to manage or eliminate risk factors.
Upholds applicable local, state, and federal laws. Initiates referrals to community resources as needed (e.g., legal, health, welfare, etc.). Serves as a school contact for service providers.
Assists with the revision of emergency preparedness/crisis management plans as directed (e.g., fire, weather, security, etc.). Administers threat reporting, assessment, and response procedures.
Assists with collection, verification, and recording of program information as directed.
Maintains accurate records and submits reports on time.
Respects personal privacy. Maintains the confidentiality of privileged information.
Reports suspected child abuse and/or neglect to civil authorities as required by law.
Encourages parent organizations and supports school-sponsored activities.
Pursues growth opportunities that enhance professional performance and advance district goals.
Strives to develop rapport and serves as a positive role model for others.
Maintains a professional appearance. Wears work attire appropriate for the position.
Performs other specific job-related duties as directed.

Abilities Required:
The following personal characteristics and skills are important for the successful performance of assigned duties.

Acknowledges personal accountability for decisions and conduct.
Averts problem situations and intervenes to resolve conflicts.
Effectively uses listening, observation, reading, verbal, nonverbal, and writing skills.
Engenders staff enthusiasm and teamwork. Promotes a positive work/learning environment.
Interprets information accurately and initiates effective responses.
Maintains an acceptable attendance record and is punctual.
Organizes tasks and manages time effectively. Meets deadlines despite time constraints.
Skillfully manages individual, group, and organizational interactions.

Additional Information: Granville Exempted Village School District is proud to be one of Ohio’s best public school districts. We serve a population of approximately 2,700 students in grades K – 12. Our students learn through a diverse selection of academic, athletic and service-based opportunities led by highly-skilled faculty and staff. Graduates of Granville Schools are well-prepared and empowered to be collaborative, adaptable, and responsible members of their communities and are equipped with the critical thinking and resiliency skills necessary for success in our ever-changing world. We are inspired by exceptional family and community support, and we are always Learning for Life!

We are currently seeking an Assistant Principal to serve Granville High School. Successful candidates will have an administrative license and experience in grades 9-12 as well as model the District’s mission, vision and values.

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