Chief Operating Officer: Upper Arlington City Schools

Posted on March 28th, 2023

Position: Chief Operating Officer

District: Upper Arlington City Schools

Salary: Based on Administrative Salary Schedule

Deadline: 08/01/2023

Contact: Matt Jordan

Contact Position: Director of Human Resources

Contact Phone: (614) 487-5000

Contact Email Address:

Masters degree from accredited college
Administrative licensure or School Business Manager licensure
Experience in business affairs, supervision or/or operations in a public school system
Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Superintendent and/or Board of Education may find appropriate

Additional Information: Please apply on our website at:

JOB DESCRIPTION:  Administer the business affairs of the district in such a way as to provide the best possible educational service with the financial resources available

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
Ability to work effectively with others
Ability to communicate ideas and directives clearly and effectively both orally and in writing
Effective, active listening skills
Organizational and problem solving skills
Ability to work well with staff and community
Strong leadership skills
Working knowledge of computers
Knowledge of building construction and bidding procedures

Essential Functions:
Administer the Department of Building/Grounds, Maintenance, Transportation, and Custodian Services
Lead, organize, manage, and supervise all maintenance, transportation, and custodial operations of the district in compliance with all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations, and Board of Education policies and procedures
Recommend policies and regulations dealing with key operational areas
Develop an operational plan for each building/operational department that outlines the tasks of and expectations for operational employees
Establish and implement an effective summer and non-school day program of specialized operations
Supervise a personnel management program for Operations Department that includes recruitment and selection process and a written evaluation process that uses the recommendations of building level and district administrators. Recommend the continued employment, discipline, or dismissal of all transportation, custodial, and maintenance personnel
Develop and supervise work and vacation schedules for all transportation, custodial, and maintenance personnel, including substitutes
Provide and monitor a system of regular operational inspections to meet all federal, state, and local requirements
Conduct regular inspections of all school facilities, vehicles, grounds, and equipment to ensure that high standards for cleanliness, attractiveness, and safety are maintained
Analyze all accidents and regularly search for patterns in injury reports in order to establish corrective procedures to reduce the potential for future accidents or hazards
Monitor and recommend systems and procedures to ensure the security of all operational facilities
Establish and maintain a system of financial records, controls, and accounting procedures for the repair and maintenance of the operations
Assist Directors in the development and recommend the Transportation, Custodial, and Maintenance budget, and then administer the approved budget
Maintain current drawings and engineering records describing district facilities, equipment, and grounds
Approve the specifications and recommend contractors to perform maintenance and repair services using established district procedures; supervise and inspect the work performed and recommend payment upon satisfactory completion of the work
Communicate regularly with the Superintendent and Chief Operating Officer, building administrators, and appropriate staff about the needs, regulations, and procedures for the effective operation of the buildings, associated services, and the maintenance of the schools, so that cooperative working relationships with building staff are encouraged and maintained.
Develop, implement, and monitor an energy conservation program, making recommendations for efficiency and reduction in the costs of operating the facilities
Provide and maintain an efficient and effective waste disposal system with provisions for recycling of all waste permitted by local and State regulations
Develop and implement in-service programs and activities for staff members
Operate electronic and other equipment needed to carry out job functions and responsibilities
Maintain effective communications with students, staff, and parents to elicit support and to seek perceptions and ideas for the improvement in operational areas
Research and make recommendations for improvement in the effectiveness and efficiency of the repair, maintenance, and cleaning services so that attractive, healthy, and safe facilities are provided
Attend required meetings and serve on staff committees as appropriate
Other duties as assigned by the Superintendent or his/her designee

Other Duties and Responsibilities:
Prepare reports at both a state and federal level
Serve as a role model for students
Respond to routine questions and requests in an appropriate manner
Perform other duties as assigned by the Superintendent

Equipment Operated:
Motor vehicle
Copy machine
Fax machine

Additional Working Conditions:
Exposure to blood, bodily fluids, and tissue
Occasional interaction among unruly children
Occasional operation of a vehicle in inclement weather conditions
Occasional requirement to travel, both daily and overnight
Evening/weekend/summer work
Occasionally lift, carry, push, and pull various items up to a maximum of 25 pounds, e.g., paper boxes, deliveries of supplies and equipment
Frequently move and position self as necessary to access and operate equipment
Frequently move around workspace and travel throughout school building
Employee shall remain free of any alcohol or non-prescribed controlled substance, use in the work place throughout his/her employment with the District.

This job description is subject to change and in no manner states or implies that these are the only duties and responsibilities to be performed by the incumbent. The incumbent will be required to follow the instructions and perform the duties required by the incumbent’s supervisor and or appointing authority.

The Upper Arlington City School District Board of Education does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, including sexual orientation and transgender identity, disability, age, religion, military status, ancestry, genetic information, or any other legally protected category, in its programs and activities, including employment opportunities.