Coordinator of Student Services: North Ridgeville City School

Posted on May 23rd, 2023

Position: Coordinator of Student Services

District: North Ridgeville City School

Salary: Dependent upon experience, between $71,750 – $90,000

Deadline: 06/16/2023

Contact: Dawn Fitz

Contact Position: HR/Personnel Specialist

Contact Phone: (440) 353-1114

Contact Email Address:

COORDINATOR OF STUDENT SERVICES and Preschool / Early Childhood Programs
Reports to the Director of Student Services
225-day, Administrative position
Salary based on education and experience according to the administrative compensation schedule

General Description:
Provide leadership and coordination of appropriate services for the special education and early childhood preschool programs. Primary concentration on preschool and administer the necessary instructional, support, and auxiliary services.
Keeps the Director of Student services informed about emerging issues.

1. Appropriate Ohio license for the position.
2. Master’s degree or higher from an accredited college or university.
3. Successful experience as a special educator; experience as a school administrator preferred.
4. Knowledge of Ohio School Law and special education law.
5. Proficiency in computer skills and knowledge of applications necessary to access timely and relevant information and be able to disseminate the same.
6. Good health and good attendance record.
7. Additional qualifications as the Board of Education may require.

Physical/Other Requirements:
1. Able to access classroom, office, and appropriate areas of school and District facilities.
2. Strong communication and interpersonal skills.
3. Able to present information to individuals, small groups, and large groups in a clear and compelling manner.
4. Able to work successfully with students, parents, teachers, administrators, and the community.
5. Able to plan ahead, yet remain flexible enough to adapt to new situations or react to emergencies.
6. Able to interact well with other people, but also able to work well independently.

Additional Information: Performance Responsibilities (Essential Functions):
1. Assist with the administration of Special Education programs in accordance with District policies and administrative guidelines, Operating Standards for Ohio Schools, and the provisions of State and Federal law.
2. Assist with all necessary data collection, record keeping, and reporting for services offered through special education as required by the Ohio Department of Education (ODE), the United States Department of Education (USDOE), and the District.
3. Participate in the recruitment, selection, retention, and development of support and instructional personnel for the special education programs.
4. Supervise and provide input to employment recommendations for all instructional and support special education staff.
5. Coordinate the development and completion of IEPs for students with specialized scholarships.
6. Take all necessary and reasonable precautions to protect students, staff, equipment, materials, and facilities.
7. Provides staff leadership. Collaborates on action plans and helps resolve issues.
8. Monitors the implementation of a continuum of special education services and keeps the Director of Student Services apprised of issues that arise within the buildings.

To apply please follow this link to submit an application and materials through Frontline Recruiting and Hiring for North Ridgeville City Schools.