Director of Athletics and Activities: Brooklyn City Schools

Posted on June 07th, 2024

Updated on June 9th, 2024 at 07:41 pm

Position: Director of Athletics and Activities

District: Brooklyn City Schools

Salary: $85,000-$100,000

Deadline: 06/18/2024

Contact: Dr. Theodore Caleris

Contact Position: Superintendent

Contact Phone: (216) 485-8112

Contact Email Address:

Qualifications: Initial 2 or 3 year administrative employment contract
Supervises all components of extracurricular athletic and extracurricular activities according to the Board of Education Policy, Ohio Revised Code and Ohio High School Athletic Association.
Provide leadership in the selection, assignment and evaluation of supplemental advisors and athletic coaches and staff members
Ensure that all coaches and advisors are under contract prior to beginning activities with students
Ensure that all coaches, advisors and volunteers are up to date on all certification required by ODE, OHSAA and District.
Develop and implement the appropriate rules and regulations governing the conduct of athletic and extracurricular activities
Meet with advisors and coaches before each season to review athletic handbook and applicable updates
Evaluate each advisor and head coach; complete report
Verify and monitor physical and academic eligibility requirements of each athlete in conjunction with coaches
Responsible for the organization and scheduling of all activities, youth programming and interscholastic athletic events
Arrange transportation for all District sponsored activities and athletic contest participants
Arrange all details of visiting team’s needs
Make arrangements for use of non-school playing fields and facilities
Secure and employ officials in accordance with provision set forth by the conference and the Ohio High School Athletic Association
Assume responsibility for proper staffing of home games (e.g. timers, scorekeepers, ticket personnel, team physician, police officer, etc.)
Administers the insurance program covering school athletes and assumes responsibility for all processing of reports and claims
Prepare annual budget and records for each sport
Review requests for equipment, supplies and services submitted by coaches
Supervise the cleaning, storage and complete inventory of all equipment
Maintain complete records of the results of all athletic contests; including award winners, starting date and type of award, and athletic scholarships
Organize and supervise athletic recognition program
Complete building, conference, county, state and federal reports as required
Supervise ticket sales, fundraising and accounting involved with the athletic program
Act as liaison between school and community
Present concerns to the principal and superintendent for review
Work with booster clubs in the interest of student athletes
Establish and maintain favorable relations with parents, public, colleagues and students
Coordinate with the Head Bus Driver all athletic and extra/co-curricular field trips.
Schedule all non-routine use of school buses and/or school vans for athletics and activities, and maintain accurate records of such trips.
Other duties as assigned by the Superintendent related to Transportation.

Experience Required
Master’s degree required
State of Ohio Principal’s or Superintendent’s certificate or license preferred
Three (3) years of teaching experience; experience as an administrator preferred
Experience as a coach required; Head Coaching experience preferred
Child abuse, violence prevention, substance abuse and positive behavior intervention systems (PBIS)
First Aid, CPR, AED and Concussion training; other training deemed necessary by the State of Ohio

Approximate Work Hours or Days

Additional Information: How to Apply
If interested in applying for this leadership position, please submit a Cover Letter, Resume and credentials via email to Dr. Theodore Caleris, Superintendent, Brooklyn City Schools –