Director of Communication and Community Relations: Groveport Madison Local Schools

Posted on March 01st, 2024

Position: Director of Communication and Community Relations

District: Groveport Madison Local Schools

Salary: $99,628 – $124,421

Deadline: 05/31/2024

Contact: Chris Green

Contact Position: Director of Diversity, Engagement, and Human Capital

Contact Phone: (614) 492-2520

Contact Email Address:


• Bachelor’s degree in communications, public relations, journalism, or a related field (or a minimum of five years of experience in a military public affairs role).
• Minimum of five (5) years of related experience in a communications or public relations field
• Extensive experience using the Microsoft Office Suite of products, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint (experience using Adobe Creative Suites products, including
Photoshop and InDesign a plus).
• Ability to work non-traditional office hours.
• Previous experience working in a public school district or university communications setting is preferred.
• Other qualifications the Board and Superintendent may find appropriate.

• Strategic Communications –
o Develop with the Board, superintendent, and administrative team effective communication strategies that support the short- and long-range needs of the school
o Assist the Board and superintendent with developing and publicizing information about the District’s performance on goals and objectives.

o Write, edit, and produce high-quality publications including back-to-school information, annual reports, newsletters, brochures, special event programs, and other
o Oversee the design and content of the District’s web site. Oversee the District’s WebTechs to ensure they are maintaining their school’s website.
o Manage the District’s mass notifications system; issue timely alerts for emergency closures, building emergencies; maintain the District’s school closing protocols.
o Create content for talking points, articles, and speeches for the Superintendent and the Board of Education.
o Oversee all social media channels and monitor content and messages; monitor content of community social media outlets as it relates to the school district.
o Strategize and implement internal/external communications programs with principals and other administrators.
o Oversee the production of video content for the District and school websites and general distribution.

• Crisis Communications Planning and Response
o In conjunction with the Director of Safety, develop and implement a crisis communications response plan.
o Participate in the District’s Safety Committee.
o Regularly communicate the District’s efforts to maintain safe environments for students and staff.
• Community Relations
o Serve as information liaison between the school district and the community at large.
o Represent the District in partnership with various public entities and community organizations; look for opportunities for the District to participate in community
o Set objectives for the District’s community relations program, to include budget planning for meeting those objectives.
o Serve as the District’s official representative to Groveport Madison Human Needs Board.
o Expedite responses to inquiries and complaints received by the department from parents, students, staff, and the community.
o Maintain the District’s VIP and key contacts databases.

• Media Relations
o Develop respectful, trusting relationships with local and regional media representatives. Respond to media inquiries, and issue media alerts, releases, and
statements, as necessary.
o Maintain database of news media contacts.
o Serve as the District’s spokesperson for various media needs.

• Event Planning – Develop and oversee internal and external events that bring positive attention to the school district.

• Other Essential Duties
o Provide consultation and support to building principals, as needed.
o Assist school and district administrators and other staff members in publicizing and promoting performances, exhibitions, displays, and/or special programs
sponsored by the schools and open to the public.
o Execute policies established by federal law and state law, and local board policy with respect to the department’s areas of responsibility.
o Solicit feedback through formal and informal means of activities, products and purposes of the community relations program and the school District in general.
o Provide logistical and communications support for meetings of the Board of Education and its committees.
o Prepare for and attend all Cabinet meetings and Administrative Council meetings, and any other meetings as determined by the superintendent.
o Oversee the photographing of various programs and events. Maintain a District media library and historical archives.
o Assist with managing the District’s FinalForms account.
o Supervise the District’s communications coordinator(s), including providing work assignments and deadlines.
o Coordinate employee recognition programs and school board recognition of students and employees.
o Manage the department’s budget, ensuring purchases are made in compliance with Board policy and state law.
o Assist with public records requests.
o Provide training seminars for District employees on public information components.
o Perform other duties as assigned by the Superintendent.

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