Director of Pupil Services: Oberlin City Schools

Posted on May 14th, 2024

Position: Director of Pupil Services

District: Oberlin City Schools

Salary: Based on experience

Deadline: 06/09/2024

Contact: Jacquie Lisicky

Contact Position: Superintendent Administrative Assistant

Contact Phone: (440) 776-4551

Contact Email Address:

-Masters Degree in Administration
-Valid state department of education license/certificate appropriate in Administration
-Familiarity with International Baccalaureate Program
-Evidence of at least five years of successful experience in administration and 5 years of classroom teaching experience
-Knowledge in pupil services and special education
-Demonstrated leadership capabilities
-Knowledge of local, state, and federal requirements and reporting in areas of specialty
-Experience with staff development design and presentation
-Effective organizational planning and project management skills.

The following duties are representative of performance expectations.
-Directs the delivery and continuous improvement of special education programs to achieve the district’s written, implemented, and assessed curricula and mandated proficiencies.
-Participates as an active member of the district’s management team.
-Upholds board policies and follows administrative procedures.
-Maintains visibility. Promotes a favorable image of the school district. Builds community partnerships that enhance district programs and services.
-Provides staff leadership. Develops action plans. Helps resolve problems. Maintains open and effective communications with staff and the community.
-Oversees the delivery of a continuum of special education services (e.g., student records, testing, speech/language pathology, physical and occupational therapy, orientation/mobility, visual/hearing, special needs transportation, etc.).
-Administers the board-approved budget for assigned areas of responsibility. Ensures that collection/dispersal procedures are properly documented.
-Provides consultation and assistance, through observation and discussion, to assure continuity among evaluation data, the IEP and daily lesson plans.
-Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the special education programs on at least an annual basis.
-Serve as a resource person and/or presenter for in-service programs on issues of educating students with disabilities.
-Oversee evaluation, identification, and assist in parent conferences, development of the IEPs and periodic reviews to assure that appropriate special education services are being provided for all students with disabilities.
-Keeps current with the K-12 courses of study, the district’s scope and sequence framework, and state standards/guidelines.
-Complies with state model policies and procedures for the education of students identified as having a disability.
-Monitors education laws, rules, and regulations and provides assistance in fulfilling the legal requirements associated with special education.
-Promotes the continuity of the instructional program. Provides insights about the progression of student skills and key contributions made by staff at each level.
-Helps staff resolve problems that impede student learning and/or participation in appropriate peer group activities.
-Serves as a liaison and information resource for special education programs.
-Supports a full range of educational options. Coordinates placement procedures. Works with intervention assistance teams (IAT). Participates in parent conferences.
-Ensures that services are provided in the least restrictive educational environment.
-Assist in managing the districts Wellness program
-Coordinate Professional Development for Special Program staff
-Attend Special programs instructional meetings
-Oversee the district Preschool program
-Analyze all special program data to increase academic and social achievement
-Provide leadership and direction for special program staff
-Provides guidance, communicates high expectations, and shows an active interest in student progress.
-Participates in hearing/grievance processes (e.g., ADA, Section 504, Title IX, etc.).
-Monitors student graduation requirements.
-Maintains high standards and upholds the student conduct code. Helps teachers and administrators with discipline and pupil management issues. Prepares student discipline recommendations for the superintendent’s consideration.
-Maintains effective relationships with community services (e.g., court systems, law enforcement, health care facilities, child welfare services, etc.).
-Participates in staff selection and orientation processes as directed by the Superintendent.
-Expresses high expectations and monitors staff performance. Collaborates with Principals to improve staff competencies. Supports opportunities for staff to develop new skills. Participates in staff evaluations when requested.
-Provides leadership in the planning and delivery of staff development programs that improve teacher outcomes (e.g., methods, skills, commitment, etc.).
-Oversees the timely submission of reports, records, and inventories. Maintains district records for the maximum period mandated by law and/or board policy. Supervises the collection, entry, and verification of educational management information and student data (e.g., EMIS, etc.) as directed.
-Upholds applicable ORCs. Administers policies regarding age, immunization, attendance, legal residence, guardianship, classification, promotion, retention, testing, etc. -Oversees enrollment and withdrawal procedures.
-Oversees Title VI-B program applications and reporting requirements.
-Helps the treasurer prepare financial data (e.g., invoices for excess cost, tuition payments, foundation calculations and deductions, expenditure reports, etc.).
-Oversees proficiency and alternative testing programs. Analyzes test results. Provides staff direction for instructional modifications and interventions that enhance student learning and improve test performance.
-Promotes the effective use of available technology in records management and instructional activities. Upholds computer technology acceptable use policies.
-Respects personal privacy. Maintains the confidentiality of privileged information.
-Takes precautions to ensure staff/student safety. Watches for student behavior that may indicate a problem (e.g., profanity, teasing, bullying, distress, etc.). Intervenes and works with staff to eliminate unacceptable behavior.
-Reports evidence of suspected child abuse as required by law.
-Supports appropriate research and pilot projects. Identifies and recommends funding opportunities. Helps prepare grant and foundation proposals.
-Participates in national, state, and/or regional activities that advance district goals.
-Strives to develop rapport and serve as a positive role model for others.
-Performs other specific job-related duties as directed.

-Supervises and evaluates assigned staff under the direction of the superintendent.
-Assumes responsibility for the results of duties delegated to staff.

PERFORMANCE EVALUATION: Job performance is evaluated according to policy provisions and contractual agreements adopted by the Oberlin City School District Board of Education.