Elementary Principal, Everest (West) Elementary (222 day contract) – Licking Heights Local Schools

Posted on July 01st, 2024

Position: Elementary Principal, Everest (West) Elementary (222 day contract)

District: Licking Heights Local Schools

Salary: $100,200-$111,000

Deadline: 07/05/2024

Contact: Jocelyn Cosgrave

Contact Position: Director of Human Resources

Contact Phone: (220) 249-0167

Contact Email Address: jocelyn.cosgrave@lhschools.org



JOB GOAL: Coordinate the supervision, management, and development of personnel, students, and programs within the assigned building(s).


At Licking Heights Local Schools, our commitment to student success drives everything we do. We believe in providing equitable, personalized learning experiences focused on building character skills and achieving academic excellence. Our comprehensive framework, addressing milestones from kindergarten readiness to college and career competencies, ensures that every student thrives academically, socially, and emotionally. We are dedicated to creating a positive school culture where students can explore their talents through extracurricular activities, fostering well-rounded and socially responsible citizens.

To be successful at Licking Heights Local Schools, staff members must embody a range of skills, including:

Passion for education and student well-being
Commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion
Effective mentoring and guidance for students
Strong communication and collaboration skills
Continuous learning and professional development
Forward-thinking planning and strategic decision-making
Openness to two-way communication and community engagement
We are dedicated to supporting our staff through comprehensive induction, providing ongoing professional development aligned with our district’s vision, and creating a safe and empowering school environment where every individual can flourish. Join us in our mission to provide an exceptional education experience that prepares students for success in school, career, and life.

General Qualifications:

3 years elementary or intermediate administrative experience preferred
Possess an Ohio Administrative License/Certificate for the appropriate position of principal;
High performance expectations for students, staff and self;
Successful educational leadership roles or comparable experience;
Understanding of instructional leadership strategies;
Record of educational positions or experience showing increasing responsibilities;
Strong instructional leadership background;
Excellent oral and written communication skills;
Ability to work in a collaborative environment with building staff, district staff, parents and community.


Be responsible to the Superintendent for all organization, administration, and supervision within his/her building(s).
Keep the Superintendent completely and continuously informed regarding the conditions of the schools and the activities therein.
Work cooperatively with the teaching staff in the best interest of the children.
Be concerned with the health and welfare of the students and teachers.
Be responsible for assisting in the development of curricula and in planning and adapting the course of study to the needs and interest of the children.
Be responsible for maintaining positive public relations with the community and for utilizing fully the community resources to enrich learning and support the well-being of students.
Take an active interest in local, state, and national professional organizations in order to promote professional improvement.
Work with the Superintendent in the assignment of teaching personnel within the building.
Be responsible for the classification, promotion, or retention of students within the building.
Constantly appraise and evaluate the instructional program.
Oversee the attendance, conduct, and health of the pupils.
Be responsible for the following: fire drills, tornado drills, safety drills, school enterprises and activities, parent-school relationships, teacher meetings, school exhibits, cafeteria, athletics and non-employee relationships.
Evaluate and appraise each teacher through formal and informal classroom visitations and observations, and make periodic reports of the evaluation or appraisal to the Superintendent.
Be available for meetings of the Board of Education at the invitation of the Superintendent.
Serve as custodian of all accounts under his/her jurisdiction in the school fund.
Refer complaints from parents about a teacher to the appropriate teacher unless there is substantial reason not to do so.
Serve on the district leadership team.
Be responsible for maintaining and upgrading student records
Coordinate and monitor the implementation of state and local testing and intervention procedures in accordance with the requirements of the minimum standards.
Perform such other duties as may be directed by the Superintendent and/or Board of Education.

EVALUATION: Performance of these responsibilities will be evaluated annually by the Superintendent or Designee.

Licking Heights does place an emphasis on accepting a diverse pool of candidates reflecting the school district’s student population.

Nondiscrimination and Equal Opportunity Employment Opportunity: The Licking Heights Local School District Board of Education does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, disability, Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA), military status, ancestry, or age in its programs and activities, including employment opportunities.

Additional Information: Please apply by July 5th, 2024. Interviews will be held July 8th and 9th, with final interviews to be held on July 10th.