Federal Programming Specialist: Bedford City Schools

Posted on June 11th, 2021

Position: Federal Programming Specialist
School District: Bedford City Schools
Salary: Based upon experience
Deadline: 2021-06-24

Description: Assists the Bedford City School District administration by providing fiscal responsibility, accountability and support with primary responsibilities in the area of federal programs, and grants management. Ensures compliance with all State and Federal laws, State Department of Education Rules and Regulations, Bedford City Schools Board of Education policies where applicable, oversees all federal programs that fall under Federal Programs, and monitors budgets in accordance with established federal, state, and local policies.

-Associates degree or higher is preferred
-A working knowledge of the State of Ohio EMIS and Accounting software applications
-The ability to accurately and consistently enter and report confidential data
-Knowledge and experience in the receipt and administration of Federal Grants and the associated reporting requirements
-An equivalent combination of education, training and experience

Job Responsibilities:
Responsible for administration of all federal funds.
Apply for annual funds by completing the CCIP;
Develop program descriptions and prepare budgets for each program;
Maintain records and documentation of expenditures for annual audit review and triannual compliance monitoring;
Review and approve purchase requests in line with the Federal Programs budget;
Revise budgets as needed;
Apply for Title I Waivers, as necessary;
Complete all mandatory federal reports and applications (Comparability Reports, NS3 participation and consultation, Federal program evaluation, Title IA Title I Sub A, IDEA, Title III, Title IV, Early Childhood Special Education, Alternative education, competitive grants, etc.)  Ensure the compliant operation of Title I in the non-public schools;
Generate a contract with the outside agency involved in providing service to the non-public school;
Communicate with outside agency involved in providing service to the non-public school;
Maintain student assessment records to comply with submission of the Title I Annual Performance Report;
Advise district personnel concerning the use of Title IIA funds for professional development;
Meet regularly with the elementary and middle school principals on the operations of all federal programs and the literacy program;
Work with building clerks and/or secretaries to complete monthly time and effort reports;
Maintain records and report on district transition process;
Follow up on projects for continued funding in the area of Federal funds;
Research, develop, maintain, and support Title I instructional programming;
Collect, organize, and compile information necessary for project reports, intervention activities, and program performance evaluation.
Assist with the preparation of Catastrophic and Excess Cost Reimbursement Request
Coordinate and manage Medicaid process with HPC
CEIS tracking payments and invoices
Maintains respect at all times for confidential information.
Makes contact with the public with tact and diplomacy.
Interacts in a positive manner with staff, students, and parents.
Serves as a liaison among the community.  School district, volunteers, parent groups, businesses, Board of education and other educational entities.
Performs other duties as assigned by the Superintendent or designee.


Contact Name: Cassandra J Johnson
Contact Email: cjohnson@bedford.k12.oh.us
Contact Phone: 4404394377
Contact Position: Assistant Superintendent