High School Assistant Principal: Circleville City Schools

Posted on February 08th, 2024

Position: High School Assistant Principal

District: Circleville City Schools

Salary: 85,426 – 104,000

Deadline: 02/22/2024

Contact: Janie Tocheri

Contact Position: Director of Human Resources

Contact Phone: (740) 477-5555

Contact Email Address: janie.tocheri@cvcsd.com

Position Purpose

To assist the Principal in providing leadership and supervision in administering an effective, efficient school program which provides the optimal educational program for all students in order to promote the educational development and achievement of students in accordance with Board of Education policies, administrative procedures, rules and regulations, and applicable law.
To provide leadership in program development and improvement, as well as in professional staff development.
To serve as Principal in the absence of the Principal.

Essential Functions
Provide direction and instructional leadership to the school.

* Administer the educational program in accordance with District policies and administrative guidelines, Operating Standards for Ohio Schools, and the provisions of State and Federal law.

Promote the District’s philosophy and goals in the development, implementation, and continuous improvement of the instructional program for the school.

Engage parents and community members in the educational process and in the support of student learning, achievement, and overall well- being.

Develop and maintain positive school-community relationships and timely communications.

* Allocate resources and manage school operations to provide a safe and productive learning environment.

Respect the diversity of culture, language skills, and experiences of students, parents, and staff.

Cultivate student involvement, responsibility, leadership, and personal wellbeing.

* Administer District policies and administrative guidelines for student attendance and conduct.

Coordinate and implement student intervention strategies and programs.

* Act in the place of the principal, when necessary, in due process and student disciplinary matters.

Update and coordinate publication and distribution of the student handbook.

Plan and coordinate transition initiatives for students.

Assist in the recruitment, selection, retention, and development of support and instructional personnel for the school.

* Supervise the assignment, supervision, and evaluation of instructional and support personnel as assigned.

* Maintain organization, control of student behavior and discipline, and a positive learning environment.

Promote appropriate professional development programs and orientation/training for building staff.

Work in conjunction with the student services program to implement instructional and support services for students in accordance with individualized education plans (IEPs) and/or other District-authorized accommodation plans.

Assist with the administration of the program of health, safety, and guidance services for students.

* Maintain records as required by law, District policy, and administrative guidelines.

Supervise the system of student records, progress reporting, and management information and reporting.

Maintain complete and accurate accounting and reporting of necessary staff information.

Assist in the supervision of the extracurricular program and provide for adequate supervision at all school events.

Assist with all promotions, recognitions/awards, graduation, and related activities.

Assist with the coordination and supervision of all programs and activities, including instructional programs and extracurricular/co-curricular activities.

* Take all necessary and reasonable precautions to protect students, staff, equipment, materials, and facilities.

Provide input in budget preparation and oversee implementation.

Requisition all material, supplies, and equipment as needed to carry out program.

Assist with the operations of a comprehensive program of food service, building maintenance, custodial service, and care to the school and District facilities.

Meet the professional expectations of attendance, suitable attire and decorum, participation in school and District meetings/functions, and support of District initiatives.

Respond to specific requests from the Principal/Superintendent on matters affecting the program and operation of the District.

Additional Information: Qualifications Profile

Valid Ohio Principal’s license or Ohio Administrator’s licensure for grades 9-12
Successful experience as a teacher, supervisor, and/or administrator.
Knowledge of Ohio School Law.
Proficiency in computer skills and knowledge of applications necessary to access timely and relevant information and be able to disseminate the same.
Good health and good attendance record.
Additional qualifications as the Board of Education may require.

Master’s degree or higher from an accredited college or university.