High School Assistant Principal: Dublin City Schools

Posted on June 10th, 2021

Position: High School Assistant Principal
School District: Dublin City Schools
Salary: Per Administrative Salary Schedule
Deadline: 2021-06-30


1. A Master’s Degree or higher in secondary educational administration.
2. A valid administrative certificate.
3. A minimum of five years experience as a teacher or administrator.

Apply Online:  https://www.dublinschools.net/Page/1110

•Complete the online application including at least six references with contact information.
•Questions – Bryan Buoni email at buoni_bryan@dublinschools.net

The Dublin City School District is an Equal Opportunity Employer and as such does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, age, religion, national origin, ancestry, disability, veteran status, marital status, or any other status protected by law.

To perform those tasks assigned by the building principal and assist the building principal in
the development and continuous implementation of a high school program which promotes the
educational well-being of each student in the school.

1. Instructional Leadership
a. Assists in the establishment of goals and objectives for the school.
b. Provides leadership in planning, implementing and evaluating instructional programs.
c. Provides leadership in teaching techniques, innovation and class organization.
d. Represent the building administrative team on school district committees as assigned.
e. Coordinate student teachers and other university observers within building as assigned.
f. Manage specific academic departments as assigned.
2. Staff Personnel
a. Assists in the process of interviewing, evaluating, and selecting new staff members.
b. Assists in the determination of staff needs.
c. Assists in working with individual staff needs.
d. Evaluate personnel and assist in the determination of goals to improve performance.
e. Prepare formal evaluations as directed by Board policy and administrative regulations.
f. Coordinates the revision of the teacher handbook as assigned.
g. Coordinate teacher, mentorship inservices.
3. Curriculum Development
a. Shall assist in the direction, supervision, and evaluation of the building instructional
b. Assists in the maintenance and improvement of the quality of the instructional program
by being responsible for teacher implementation of the curriculum.
c. Assists in providing the leadership necessary to ensure that each teacher is following
the Graded Course of Study.
d. Oversee new course proposal process as requested.
e. Coordinate, organize, and publish Course Selection Handbook annually as assigned.
f. Manage student course registration through guidance as assigned.
g. Coordinate and facilitate the development of the building master schedule: courses,
sections, and teacher schedules as assigned.
h. Assists with and/or coordinates inspections and visitations by State or National
Educational agencies as assigned.
4. Pupil Personnel
a. Assists in the planning and implementing of programs for the health, safety and welfare
of the students in the building.
b. Supervises extra and co-curricular activities in the school at the direction of the high
school principal.
c. Enforces and establishes disciplinary procedures which allows due process to the rights
of students; familiarizes students, staff, and parents with the disciplinary procedures;
hears and acts on behavior problems referred to the principal’s office supervises the
personnel responsible for the Alternative Learning Center and Saturday school;
compiles the annual discipline report; revises annually the student handbook assigned
by the building principal.
d. Establish attendance procedures which allows due process to the rights of students;
familiarizes students, staff, and parents with the attendance procedures; hears and acts
on attendance problems referred by attendance personnel as assigned by the building
e. Supervises the high school’s guidance and health programs; establishes and maintains
procedures for the transition of students entering and leaving the school; establishes
and maintains the school health program including up-to-date health records; plans and
supervises all emergency preparedness programs including fire and tornado drills as
assigned by the building principal.