High School Principal (Grades 7-12): Mohawk Local Schools

Posted on April 20th, 2021

Position: High School Principal (Grades 7-12)
School District: Mohawk Local Schools
Salary: Based on Approved Salary Schedule
Deadline: 2021-05-14


•       Master’s degree (M.A.) or equivalent
•       OPES, OSCES, and OTES Credentialed
•       Successful classroom teaching experience
•       Appropriate state of Ohio certification/license
•       Prior assistant principal/principal experience preferred
•       Such alternative to the above qualifications as the Superintendent and/or Board of Education may find appropriate

•       Participation in the development and implementation of district-wide policies and programs.
•       Reinforce equitable instructional practices for all students and staff.
•       Provide leadership in establishing educational goals for the school.
•       Provide leadership in planning, developing, implementing, and evaluating curriculum and instructional programs.
•       Provide leadership in the preparation of the school building budget.
•       Maintain a fiscal accounting system for the building consistent with district procedures.
•       Maintain an inventory of all equipment and supplies within the building.
•       Provide assistance in evaluating the condition of the building, grounds, and equipment.
•       Provide leadership and structure for meeting the day-to-day operating needs of the building.
•       Provide leadership in establishing and enforcing regulations for student behavior.
•       Provide leadership in the planning and supervision of extra and co-curricular activities while working closely with the Athletic Director.
•       Provide leadership in the supervision of programs designed to foster the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of students.
•       Provide leadership in establishing programs and activities designed to foster positive relationships among students and between students and staff.
•       Effectively evaluate licensed staff with the OTES, OSCES, and OPES models of evaluation.
•       Effectively evaluate classified staff in conjunction with appropriate supervisor(s).
•       Ability to recognize the need to build a staff that is representative of the ethnic culture of the building.
•       Provide leadership for licensed, classified, and administrative personnel.
•       Provide leadership in the establishment of a positive building climate for the staff members, students, parents, and community.
•       Provide for the development of a building newsletter, which will be distributed, to parents and community members.
•       Perform such other tasks and duties and assume such other responsibilities as may be assigned by the Superintendent or designee.

•       Lead and facilitate Building Leadership Team meetings.
•       Familiarity with the 5-Step OIP process.
•       Develop a plan to close the achievement gap in subgroups.
•       Collaborate with all departments and attend Teacher Based Team meetings.
•       Develop a Schedule that will support academic and social-emotional interventions.
•       Attend Strategic Planning Committee meetings.
•       Analyze and assess data to drive instructional practices.
•       Collaborate with local and county community agencies to support school goals.
•       Provide the Board of Education with periodic reports on school progress.
•       Familiar with the CCP program and pathway to an associate degree.
•       Knowledge of student scheduling, master schedule creation, career tech programming, and school report card components.
•       Submit a weekly report to the superintendent on school activities.