Jefferson Area Senior High School Principal: Jefferson Area Local

Posted on January 13th, 2022

Position: Jefferson Area Senior High School Principal
School District: Jefferson Area Local
Salary: Starting salary will be negotiated/determined upon hiring
Deadline: 2022-06-01


1.      A master’s degree with a major in educational administration
2.      A valid state certificate/license to practice as a school principal at the grade levels assigned
3.      At least five years of experience as a teacher
4.      Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Board may find appropriate and acceptable

Additional Information:
Reports to: Superintendent

1. Grades 9 through 12

Job Objective: To effectively and with integrity implement the Ohio Standards for Principals

Job Duties:
1. Implement and monitor the (OIP) Ohio Improvement Process at the Building Level
a. Oversee and schedule regular meetings of the Building Leadership Team
b. Oversee and monitor the building’s teacher based and/or grade level teams
c. Monitor the implementation of the five-step process as required in the Ohio Improvement Process
d. Become a member of the District Leadership Team and actively engage in the work of the team
2.  Assist in the recruiting, screening, hiring, training, assigning, and evaluating of the school’s certified and classified staff
3. Conduct regular staff observations and evaluations in accordance with the JTES (Jefferson Teacher Evaluation System).
a)      Manage the building’s use of eTPES (electronic Teacher and Principal Evaluation System)
b)      Work with teachers on the development of professional growth or improvement plans
c)      Manage the Student Growth Measure and Student Learning Objectives processes in his/her building
d)      Represent his/her building on the district’s SLO committee
4.  Oversee and ensure the implementation with integrity of the district’s curricular and instructional programs
a)      Maintain curriculum maps, course guides or syllabi for the courses taught in the building
b)      Ensure that Ohio’s standards are used to guide students’ progress toward meeting the Ohio’s Academic Goals and Outcomes at each grade level
c)      Require the learning goals and activities at all grade levels be intentionally aligned to Ohio Academic Content Standards
d)      Require that the building’s instructional practices are research and evidence based
e)      Require that learning tasks at all grade levels teach students to use higher order thinking skills
5.  Monitor the building’s use of Formative Instructional Practices (FIP) and assessment at the building level
a)      Ensure that formative and summative assessments are aligned with the Ohio Academic Standards
b)      Require the use of formative/short-cycle assessment aligned with the Ohio Academic Content Standards to help make learning goals clear to students
c)      Require the use of formative/short-cycle assessment aligned with Ohio Academic Content Standards to engage students in self-reflection and self-assessment
d)      Require the use of formative/short-cycle assessment aligned with Ohio Academic Content Standards as a way to provide descriptive feedback to students
e)      Facilitate opportunities for teachers to work together to develop common classroom formative assessments aligned with Ohio Academic Content Standards
6.   Plan and supervise fire drills and emergency preparedness programs
7.   Assist in the in-service orientation and training of teachers
8.   Supervise the preparation of school reports for the district office
9.   Follow Board of Education policy in regards to the attendance, conduct, and health of students
10. Supervise the maintenance of records on the progress and attendance of students
11. Make arrangements for special conferences between parents and teachers
12. Oversee school activity account funds
13. Has input into development of and management of school budgets/appropriations
14. Recommend and help provide for the safety and administration of the school facility
15. Plan and organize the screening, registration and orientation of new students
16. Conduct student observations as part of Special Education evaluation
17. Maintain high standards of student conduct and enforce discipline as necessary, according to due process procedures
18. Assume responsibility for the implementation and observance of all Board policies and regulations by the school’s staff and students
19. Supervise and evaluate the school’s extracurricular program and personnel
20. Other duties as assigned by the Superintendent

Schedule:  July – June, 215 days annually

Contact Information:
Contact Name: Kyle Blon
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: 440-576-9180
Contact Position: Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent