Special Education Director: Bloom-Carroll Local School District

Posted on May 24th, 2023

Position: Special Education Director

District: Bloom-Carroll Local School District

Salary: $95,000-$109,000 (commensurate with experience)

Deadline: 06/09/2023

Contact: Jennifer Luckhaupt

Contact Position: Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent

Contact Phone: (614) 837-6560

Contact Email Address: jennifer.luckhaupt@bloomcarroll.org


• Valid administrative/supervisor license
• Special education license
• Administrative experience preferred
• Master Degree in education, educational administration or related field.
• Special education teaching experience preferred (5 years)
• Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Superintendent and/or Board of Education may find appropriate.
• Must be willing and able to participate in Title IX Coordinator Training
• The special education supervisor also serves as the District’s Title IX Coordinator & Homeless Liaison.

o Salary: Commensurate with experience (Range $95,000-$109,000)
o Contract: 215 Days
o Start Date: Aug. 1, 2023 (possible extended days)
o Deadline: June 9, 2023


Minimum Qualifications:

· Valid state department of education license/certificate as determined at the time of appointment.

· Previous administrative experience preferred.
· Skills in behavioral management substantiated by training and work experience.
· Ability to influence the district’s cultural environment and implement program options/instructional practices and support services that help students benefit from the educational program.
· Adheres to the Licensure Code of Professional Conduct for Ohio Educators.
· Articulates a clear educational philosophy and sustainable implementation strategy.
· Complies with drug-free workplace rules, board policies and administrative guidelines/procedures.
· Embodies high ethical standards/integrity. Accepts personal responsibility for decisions/conduct.
· Exhibits consistent, impartial and resourceful decision-making skills. Interprets information accurately. Evaluates options thoroughly. Develops reasonable solutions to resolve issues.
· Maintains a record free of criminal violations that would prohibit public school employment.
· Meets all mandated health screening requirements.

Essential 1. Directs special education services that advance academic progress. Pursues ongoing
Functions: program improvements.
· Serves as an active member of the management team. Upholds board policies. Implements administrative guidelines/procedures. Upholds applicable local, state and federal laws.
· Plans/implements strategies to ensure tasks are completed within required time-frames.
· Promotes the district’s mission. Implements a shared vision of learning that supports high-quality district services and advances substantive educational goals.
· Encourages innovations. Analyzes data to improve school operations.
· Manages change processes. Helps develop/implement a district-wide strategic plan. Delineates time-frames, financial/program resources, and a strategy to accomplish district goals.
· Cultivates relationships that promote a strong commitment of public support for the district.
· Facilitates staff selection/orientation. Supervises assigned staff. Assumes responsibility for the results of duties delegated to staff. Provides support to improve staff performance.
· Provides staff leadership. Engenders staff enthusiasm/teamwork. Helps resolve problems.
· Implements state mandated and locally developed personnel assessment programs.
· Participates in collaborative planning of staff development/in-service training activities.
· Serves on local professional growth committees as directed.
· Keeps current with state standards/guidelines. Manages the instructional program. Promotes academic excellence in a nurturing environment. Facilitates the development of curriculum guides/courses of study. Evaluates and recommends instructional materials.
· Coordinates the “child find” activities.
· Develops strategies to improve student attendance and active participation/performance in school.
· Disseminates program information (e.g., pamphlets, newsletters, web-based notices, etc.).
· Assists with enrollment and withdrawal procedures. Monitors attendance rates. Consults with staff to identify students struggling academically. Investigates student/family concerns.
· Helps staff resolve problems that impede student participation in appropriate learning activities.
· Coordinates Individual Education Plans (IEPs) development/review processes. Attends IEP meetings as the District Rep and/or coordinates the attendance of a District Rep at IEP meetings in the event of schedule conflicts.
· Helps ensure that assessment instruments/procedures support non-biased planning activities.
· Implements protocols to safeguard student information shared with staff and/or referral sources.
· Complies with federal/state guidelines for the education of students identified as having a disability. Ensures that services are provided in the least restrictive educational environment.
· Plans/implements student intervention strategies that produce tangible evidence-based benefits within specified time-frames. Evaluates service outcomes.
· Facilitates student/family referrals to community services (e.g., legal, health, social services, etc.) Serves as a district contact person for public agencies and an intermediary for parents/staff.
· Oversee student enrollment in alternative programs and out-of-district placements. Serves as a liaison to chartered non-public schools. Oversees the development of IEPs for Scholarship Program Students (e.g., Jon Peterson Program, Autism Scholarship Program).
· Assists with state-mandated testing programs as it relates to special education students. Maintains test security. Analyzes test results. Provides leadership for instructional modifications/interventions that enhance student learning.

2. Exemplifies professionalism that advances the district’s public image.
· Develops mutually respectful relationships with co-workers. Functions as part of a cohesive team.
· Encourages community participation in school-sponsored activities.
· Helps students understand/embrace ethical conduct and democratic values.
· Maintains a professional appearance. Wears work attire appropriate for the position.
· Maintains an acceptable attendance record and is punctual.
· Provides leadership for the continuous advancement of academic standards.
· Respects privacy and maintains the confidentiality of privileged information.
· Shows an active interest in the personal development of all staff/students.
· Strives to develop rapport and serve as a positive role model for others.
· Sustains an effective and positive work/learning environment.
· Takes advantage of opportunities to promote district programs.

3. Maintains open/effective communications.
· Communicates district objectives and program performance expectations to stakeholders.
· Coordinates staff meetings, conferences and other required school activities.
· Interprets district policy. Serves as an information resource for program/procedure changes.
· Prepares/maintains accurate records. Submits required paperwork on time. Returns emails and phone calls in a timely manner.
· Provides prompt notification of personal delays or absences.
· Uses active listening and problem-solving techniques to resolve questions/concerns tactfully.
· Uses diplomacy and exercises self-control when dealing with other individuals. Respects diversity

4. Pursues opportunities to enhance professional performance.
· Keeps current with technology and other skills associated with work assignments.
· Maintains applicable credentials. Complies with all state licensure requirements.
· Works toward mastery of individualized development/performance goals as directed.

5. Takes precautions to ensure safety.
· Intervenes to prevent/stop bullying and/or inappropriate student behavior.
· Monitors safety concerns. Works with stakeholders to manage/eliminate risks. Helps update/implement the district’s emergency preparedness/crisis response plan.
· Reports suspected child abuse and/or neglect to civil authorities as required by law.
· Responds to emergencies. Serves as a liaison to community services (e.g., police, fire, etc.).
· Upholds the student conduct code. Maintains high expectations for appropriate student behavior.
· Watches for situations that may indicate a problem. Initiates action to manage/eliminate risks.
· Works with staff/students to address equipment safety/security issues.

6. Performs other specific job-related duties directed.
· Serves as District Title IX Coordinator and Homeless Liaison. Must have or be willing to obtain proper certification/training.
· Assists with unexpected/urgent situations as needed.
· Manages workplace initiatives that improve productivity and advance district goals.

Working Safety is essential to job performance. Employees must exercise caution and comply with
Conditions: standard safety regulations and district procedures when involved in the following situations:

· Balancing, bending, climbing, crouching, kneeling, reaching, or standing.
· Exposure to adverse weather conditions and temperature extremes.
· Exposure to blood-borne pathogens and communicable diseases.
· Interacting with aggressive, disruptive and/or unruly individuals.
· Lifting, carrying and moving work-related supplies/equipment.
· Operating and/or riding in a vehicle.
· Traveling to meetings and work assignments.

Performance Job performance is evaluated according to policy provisions and contractual agreements adopted
Evaluation: by the Bloom-Carroll Local School District.

The Bloom-Carroll Local School District is an equal opportunity employer. This job description identifies general responsibilities and is not intended to be a complete list of all duties performed. This document is subject to change in response to student demographics, staffing factors, funding variables, modified operating procedures, program/curriculum changes and unforeseen events.