Superintendent: Circleville City Schools

Posted on January 14th, 2021

Position: Superintendent
School District: Circleville City Schools
Salary: Negotiable
Deadline: 2021-02-14

Qualifications: A successful candidate for the position will be a dynamic leader and visionary, able to assist the district in meeting an array of strategic and tactical goals. Such an applicant to be considered for the position should be highly skilled in the following areas and competencies:
Be an educational team leader who can develop, inspire, and support educators and administrators to meet high performance standards with respect to accountability and an intrinsic motivation to see others grow and succeed.
Display exceptional communication skills, to include strong interpersonal skills, public speaking abilities, and relationship management tools to foster stakeholder relationships with: educators, students, families, administrators, the board of education, community members and civic groups, the Ohio Department of Education, and government officials and elected bodies to mutually beneficial ends.
Serve as a student-centered decision maker with a comprehensive view of education and how a working curriculum and instruction can be engineered to maximize the achievement of each student in a safe environment.
Have working knowledge of fiscal planning, management, and grant-funding streams.
Have the capability of developing and sustaining trust, investment, and involvement among Circleville City stakeholders; an individual who leads by example and holds themselves accountable to high standards of honesty, ethics, integrity, and personal conduct.
Be an ambassador for the Circleville City School District in the community to students and parents while representing the district with participation and involvement in support groups such as the Circleville City Schools Alumni Association and the Circleville City School Foundation.
Have knowledge of state and local funding, school law, impending education legislation and legal issues, and state and federal law.
Be a steward and innovator of the vision and direction of the Circleville City School District with an emphasis on literacy, technology, and preparing students for enlistment in the Armed Forces, enrollment in a post-secondary school, or employment in a career immediately after graduation.

Additional Information:
Applicants must possess a current Ohio Superintendent’s license. Successful experiences as a superintendent or assistant superintendent is preferred, but not required. The superintendent must maintain integrity and high standards of confidentiality and ethics in all matters as an extension of the schools and the community it serves.