OASSA Names 2020-2021 Principal of the Year!

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Updated on May 27th, 2020 at 01:58 pm

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OASSA Names 2020-2021 Principal of the Year

Columbus, Ohio— March 6, 2020 — The Ohio Association of Secondary School Administrators has selected Mr. Jeffrey Legan, principal of Mayfield High School as the 2020-2021 Ohio Principal of the Year. Mr. Legan was selected from a large field of talented and experienced nominees for the Ohio award.

Mr. Legan has been the Principal of Mayfield High School since 2014. Prior to the Mayfield High School principalship, he was the principal of Lander Elementary School in Mayfield and was an assistant principal at Mayfield High School. He began his career as a high school mathematics teacher at Mayfield High. Mr. Legan received his BA from the University of Dayton, and his Masters degree in Educational Leadership, as well as his superintendent licensure, from Cleveland State University.

The staff at Mayfield describe Mr. Legan with the following statement: “He is an altruistic man who puts himself last and his school first. Despite the difficulties of the job, he remains positive, leads with an honest heart, and does his best for the betterment of our school.”

Mr. Legan is described by his Superintendent as the quintessential high school principal, defined by his integrity, character, and his deep, dedicated, roots in the city of Mayfield. He believes in relationships and his work in developing a positive, collaborative culture at Mayfield High School forms the foundation for his work on leading instructional change. Mr. Legan has dedicated himself to building a school team dedicated to the ambitious vision of personalizing each Mayfield student’s learning experience.

When asked about Mr. Legan, his students are quick to describe his visibility, accessibility, and their belief that he is genuinely concerned with providing them a voice in the decision-making process. “He encourages us, supports us, and inspires us in everything that we set our minds to. He brings positive energy and enthusiasm into every room that he enters.”

A teacher on the Mayfield High School staff offered the following observation. “His energy and enthusiasm are the catalyst to Mayfield High School’s success. His name is synonymous with pride, integrity, genuineness, charisma, effort, grit, and most of all his immense gratitude for the role.”

As a graduate of Mayfield High School, Mr. Legan continues to carry that Wildcat Pride in every area of his life. His dedication to family and community is truly appreciated and it is often described as one of the ingredients that makes Mayfield such a special community.

Congratulations! The Ohio Association of Secondary School Administrators is proud to name Mr. Jeffrey Legan as the 2020-2021 Ohio Principal of the Year.