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Updated on October 20th, 2022 at 12:25 pm


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OASSA Cheer & Dance Coaches: When registering your teams for Regionals, I am sure you noticed the box to check your participants who are scholar athletes. To help clarify the rational with the scholar athletes, see the explanation below:

  • OASSA Scholar Athlete Requirement: If a Cheer and Dance team member qualifies for LOCAL scholar athlete status, OASSA will recognize this achievement in the State Championship Program.

We did not specifically quantify the requirements for a scholar athlete as it varies greatly throughout the schools in the state. Please refer to the scholar athlete guidelines set by your district/school. Your Principal and/or AD can help with this if you have questions about the qualifications of a scholar athlete.

We will note all scholar athletes within the rosters of the States program.

Contact the OASSA Office with any additional questions! We hope to see you at regionals!