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Updated on December 1st, 2022 at 10:41 am

Coaches Committee Minutes:

OASSA Cheer and Dance Coaches Committee Structure 


  • Two separate Committees will be seated. One for OASSA Cheer and one for OASSA Dance.
    • General Committee membership in either committee is open to all constituents in the target job descriptions, so all Ohio Interscholastic Cheer and Dance Coaches/Advisors are invited to participate. OASSA will not limit the numbers on any coaches committee. There is value in maintaining a group that is big enough to be representative of the field and ensures that many different perspectives on issues are heard. Our goal is to ensure that all regions, divisions, categories, and school sizes are represented.  To help support the Coaches Committees and provide representation for the coaches on each committee, a Steering Committee has been established.
  • OASSA Cheer and Dance Steering Committee:
    • The Steering Committee has nine members. Those nine members include: the OASSA Cheer and Dance Director, an individual coach selected by OASSA as an “At-Large” representative, and coach representatives from each Coaches Committee (4-Cheer; 3-Dance). The 9-member Steering Committee will be co-chaired by the OASSA Cheer and Dance Director and the “At-Large” representative.
    • Click HERE for Steering Committee Roles.

OASSA Coaches Committees and the Steering Committee are designed to be advisory in nature, providing feedback to the OASSA staff.

Members of the Cheer & Dance Steering Committee are:

Cheer Representatives:

  • Samantha Riordan (Lake High School – NE, D3)
  • Sarah Snow (Marietta HS – SE, D3)
  • Trisha Hemmelgarn (Benjamin Logan – SW, D4)
  • Amy Conrad (Lakota – NW, D5)

Dance Representatives:

  • Amy Goldberg (Lakota East – SW, D1)
  • Tenille Redmond (Centerville – SW, D1)
  • Veronica Miller (Notre Dame – NW, D3)

“At Large” Representative:

  • Carla Crawford (Dublin Jerome HS – Central, D1)

OASSA Representative:

  • Trisha Hart (Cheer & Dance Director)


For questions, contact:

Trisha Hart, OASSA Cheer & Dance Director @

Kelly Latham, OASSA Cheer/Dance & Conference Coordinator @

Thank you to the coaches who have joined the Cheer & Dance Coaches Committee! 

If you would like to be a part of the committee, the google form to join will ALWAYS be open!   

HS Coaches – Click here to join!

7th & 8th Grade Coaches – Click here to join!

Upcoming Meeting Dates and Topics: